Grassroots Radio Conference 2015

What to bring to the conference

So you're coming to GRC. That's great! Before you board that plane/car/train/mule to travel to Palenville, use this handy checklist and be sure you pack some or all of the following:

– AUDIO PIECES of any length. Hey, this is a *radio* conference, after all. We've got a room dedicated to peer audio listening sessions throughout the conference. We'll provide the equipment, but otherwise, sessions will be very do-it-yourself in terms of scheduling. Bring your best stuff and play it for your friends and comrades from other grassroots stations. CD format is probably best, but we'll also try to have facilities for MP3, WAV, and Casette tape.

– Bumperstickers, program guides, and station promotional materials. We'll have a free table for you to leave stuff for others' perusal.

– Station newsletters - we have a workshop scheduled on this topic, and would love to have a stack of examples from each station in attendance. Bring at least enough for the newsletters session (30ish), or for the entire conference-going bunch (150ish).

– Direct mail pieces - we also have a workshop scheduled on this topic. Again, bring at least enough for the session attendees (30ish).

– Station research, surveys, listener studies. There's a workshop dedicated to discussing Listener Feedback, Ascertainment and Qualitative Research. Bring plenty of copies, and if you're going to the workshop, be ready to talk about your experiences.

– Station bylaws, board & staff policies, volunteer handbooks, mission statements and rules of any kind. Bring a whole stack – we can use them in the Board and Policy sessions and leave the extras out for others to bring home as well.

– Video camera. We want to record the whole conference, and need your help.

– Clothes, toiletries, walking around money, etc, etc, etc…

– A sunny disposition

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