Grassroots Radio Conference 2015

Conference Schedule

The schedule has not been determined yet.

We are still looking for presenters and co-presenters for these and other topics.

Here is what we think we have so far.

  • Getting on the air cheap, equipment checklist
  • Intermediate and Advanced Rivendell
  • Computer networks, security, remote access
  • Studio-transmitter links
  • Live and remote broadcasts
  • Magic of automation
  • Studio calibration and maintenance
  • Audio processing
  • Dealing with problem people
  • Compliance calendar
  • FCC Inspection
  • The Community Clock
  • Creative fundraising and underwriting
  • Finding and training talent
  • So you have an extension, now what?
On air
  • Audacity
  • Making awesome radio
  • Live and remote broadcasts
  • Introduction to Rivendell
  • Finding national content
Community Radio lifestyle
  • Solar and wind power station designs
  • Affiliations, associations
  • Regional networking and outreach

To get an idea what past conferences have had, check here:

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