Commands Checklist

Gnucap commands are defined by plugins. This section defines all commands supplied in the gnucap ry-WIP branch.

"Data" commands

* MDUMP - Prints the dc tran matrix values.

* RMCIRC - Removes the current circuit from the list of circuits sourced into gnucap.

* CIRCBYLINE - Enter a circuit line by line.

* PRE - Executes command prior to parsing the circuit.

* TRACE - Command is used to trace nodes.

"Parameter" and "Measure" commands

* SHOWMOD - Lists model parameter values.

* ALTER - Change parameters

"File" commands

* SOURCE - Loads a gnucap input file.

* HISTORY - Review the previous commands.

* RUN - Run the silumation as specified in the input file.

* ASPICE - Start an asynchronous run and loads the data to specified output file.

"Other" commands

* ALIAS - Creates an alias for command.

* CLS - Clears the gnucap interpreter.

* DEF - Command is used to define a function.

* ECHO - Prints the text.

* QUIT - Terminates the gnucap interpreter.

* SETV - Sets the value of a variable.

* SHELL - Calls the command interpreter of operating system.

* STRCMP - Compares two string.

* SYSINFO - Command prints the system information.

* UNALIAS - Removes the definition for each alias name specified.

* UNDEF - Command removes the the user-defined functions.

* VERSION - Prints the version of gnucap being used.

* Colon Command - Command :,a colon, issued with multiple commands separated by semi-colon runs each command one by one.

*Commands's Syntax,Details and Examples will be added after the command is implemented.

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